Reality is up to us! El Domingo, 15 de junio de 2008

Algo que escribi hace un tiempo ya… pero me parece interesante como quiera.
Comentarios siempre bien recibidos! =)

There’s something inside us that make me think
am i the only one who is crying here?
but this journey must be happy
and wipe all my tears
cause i have people around me that makes me feel
the things that i have to see.
One day i was sitting in that front door
the next one was just a sad song
they say i’m mad and cold inside
the truth is, i wont make up my mind.
So things never changed you just look at them in a different way
maybe im just a little bit insane.
They think they can play this game
but if you are gonna play with fire
you should know you’d get burn.
Selfish, its just one of their favorites words
but i aint gonna be on that crazy world.
Stay up late just to see the stars
maybe they’ll show you how to start
it’s so easy to say im sorry online
why you just come over here and tell dat to my eyes.
Do you think you are good?
let me show you how’s dat…
and believe me in the end you will be just fine.
People dont change they just find another way
to tell a secret to be theirselves.
So this maybe sound a little familiar
but dont be scared..everything will be alright [????]
That’s the point noone has the courage to fight
after read something that they dont like.
This life is simply, you just have to be yourself
no matter what others feels no matter what others say.
People in this world just wanna be satisfied
although for a year although for a life.
you know what? im sick of that life
or you may loose it in time.
Chances come and go
chances come and fly away
if you think you have a chance
cause at the end you’ll see
that is what you want.
Maybe it’s too late, to wish upon a star

By: Luzª.

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