You discover something amazing, all your enthusiasm is running through your veins, you need to see what’s inside, what’s hidden. It makes you curious, exciting, happy. You take it, you receive it with a smile on your face, with a sincerely kiss that comes from your heart, and your heart is beating up so fast. Is in your hands, time is passing by, it’s flying, you decide to take the next step but suddenly a cut slides in your skin.

You don’t feel the pain right away…you wonder where’s the cut,  you just can’t see it. You think is nothing…you doubt a little bit because it can’t be true. It’s just something so simple. How can something so fragile hurt you? But then, you start to feel the pain, intensifying. You are still in shock, you can’t see the cut yet, but the blood is starting to appear. You didn’t see it coming, how could you missed that? It’s not supposed to be dangerous. It didn’t  seem dangerous at all. But you, like an innocent child grabbed and tore each part like it was a toy for you to play, and it played with you ironically. All those colors, all that magic you felt when it came, all those expectations, the  incredible feeling of falling for something…

Oh  yes…love is a paper cut.

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